81+ Good Roasts for Roblox [It Doesn't Get Better] (2023)

When you're playing Roblox, you don't want a roast to get inside you. Instead of sulking in a corner, you should start thinking about whatbrutal good roast for robloxYou can use as good comebacks for bullies!

See this article for more80 examples of good roasts for haters in Roblox. Best of all, they are grouped based on when is the best time and who these roasts are intended for. But first, let's look at the meaning of "roast" in Roblox.

81+ Good Roasts for Roblox [It Doesn't Get Better] (1)

Be careful how you use these roasts, you don't want thatget banned on Roblox!

What does roast mean in Roblox?

Roast is aRoblox-Slangthis is commonly used by gamers these days. It means humiliating another player in a way that seems comedic. It is considered a form of black humor.

Roast has players poke fun at others by throwing light insults or shading with a bit of reality to make it seem funny and insensitive but effective.

Some people toast just for fun, like making fun of real or online friends. But be aware that some players tease others to destroy another person's confidence, such as: B. Bullies who bully others.

If you see yourself being attacked by a bully, you probably want to ignore that player or give them the best Roblox comeback ever.

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If you want to be a lot more direct, check this outHow to swear in Robloxand say a few bad words without getting caught.

What are good roasts for Roblox?

81+ Good Roasts for Roblox [It Doesn't Get Better] (2)

Since you are looking for good roasts for Roblox, chances are you are here not only to know their definition but to find sizzling roasts for Roblox.

Roasts to use in rap battles or wild roasts for regular entertainment to spice up your gaming experience!

Well you just hit the jackpot! Here are the best examples of good roast for haters in Roblox. Remember, the perfect roast isn't just about the line, the sentence, or the sentence itself.

Timing is also taken into account!

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How to Roast Bullies in Roblox?

81+ Good Roasts for Roblox [It Doesn't Get Better] (3)

You can roast a bully in Roblox by giving him the best comebacks for rap battles! Act undisturbed by this bully. And if the timing is right, your best bet is to get your revenge by throwing the ferocious roast that's perfect for the situation.

Below are some of the wild goodies for Roblox to use on your haters. Tame and own some of these good roast for toxic Roblox players:

  1. I look like I care
  2. You big rascal
  3. you are ugly
  4. I'm stuck between idk, idc and idgaf
  5. u not bad, just losers
  6. Boy you think you're funny, but look at your hairline, it looks like the McDonald's symbol
  7. Sori, if I'm interested, I'm not
  8. hate me? Grab a chair and wait till I care
  9. speak English
  10. Well, you look a bit ugly
  11. minecraft is better anyway
  12. Your parents must have been happily married before they have you
  13. You're not have very many brain cells
  14. If someone says your avatar looks ugly, say:"Woo-hoo! Tried to look like you today"
  15. I didn't ask you to speak
  16. Can you make your roasts less boring?
  17. Your offense is the same as your Roblox skills - very very bad
  18. is that how much you're jealous of me? you always talk about me
  19. didn't know retards could play Roblox too until I met you
  20. Your avatar looks pretty though... quite ugly
  21. Got nothing better to do, so you roast your #1 idol, bro? Come on, I'll give you an autograph
  22. another player hu knows nothing fry
  23. Do you think that hurts my feelings? The only thing that hurts is my eyes when I look at you.
  24. Do you want to be on my level? Climb, loser!
  25. Thank you dear

What are wild roasts for boys in Roblox?

81+ Good Roasts for Roblox [It Doesn't Get Better] (4)

Online games are dominated by boys - but not by a large margin. So don't be surprised if more guys join Roblox rap battles!

And because of that, if you are planning to go to a party in Roblox, you should prepare a long list of wild good roasts for Roblox to use against boys (some can be used on girls too!):

  1. Better rap, old man
  2. Get a life human
  3. real heroes rd 1s hu has to listen to you all day
  4. Your head is so bald that I use it as a mirror
  5. Sell ​​your brain, it's unused
  6. I firmly believe that you can do better raps if you practice more
  7. I would say gud gme but you need to know how to play this game first
  8. do you think you can beat me Dream On
  9. Your mom be with me tonight make my stepdad be ayooo
  10. brother fails
  11. I've been called worse things, like my name from your mother's mouth
  12. If your brain was made of dynamite, you couldn't even blow your nose
  13. Give me a minute - I'm trying to think of an insult that's stupid enough for you to understand
  14. I always think you can't get any dumber, but then you have to prove me wrong
  15. This will be the first and last roast of the night as we've already used all of our vocabulary

How to roast a girl in Roblox?

81+ Good Roasts for Roblox [It Doesn't Get Better] (5)

One of the best ways to roast a girl in Roblox is by annotating the physical appearance of her avatar (or even the player themselves). Girls are usually sensitive when it comes to aesthetics. So if you target her beauty, her ego will surely hit the mark.

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To give you an idea of ​​how to guarantee a win in a rap battle with a girl, here's a good list of wild roasts to roast:

  1. Girl, you're not bad, just ugly
  2. Are you as ugly as your avatar?
  3. Maybe you should try eating makeup to be pretty from the inside out
  4. Whoever told you to be yourself gave you terrible advice
  5. Girl u luk lyk you had plastic surgery but it went wrong
  6. You're so ugly you can't get boys in the real world or Roblox
  7. I bet you're so ugly because you're so ugly
  8. that's why you're single
  9. You want to be an aesthetic barbie
  10. I'm no astronomer, but I'm pretty sure the world revolves around the sun, not you
  11. You're so fat the only letters you know in the alphabet are KFC
  12. My name must taste good because it's always on your mouth
  13. If I had wanted a dog I would have bought you
  14. if i had a face like ours, i would sue my parents
  15. 99% of your beauty can be removed with Kleenex

If you want to improve your avatar and make it look way cooler, take a look at these15 top ideas for Roblox avatarsor these others27 Cool Roblox Avatars.

What are good roasts for kids in Roblox?

81+ Good Roasts for Roblox [It Doesn't Get Better] (6)

And while you're having a blast getting ready for your wild Roblox rap battles, don't forget that there's a huge percentage of kids in Roblox.

So, here are 15 best roasts for Roblox that you can use for kids:

  1. your parents hate you
  2. you are six
  3. you are adopted
  4. I would rap but I choose to be good kids
  5. If you win against them, say:"need more practice kid"
  6. You have such a pretty face for a bunch of junk
  7. Teachers are likely to sigh when they hear they have you in their class for the school year
  8. do you fail in school the same way you fail in rapping?
  9. You're a fart on a rainbow cupcake
  10. Don't speak when your mouth is full
  11. Better not interfere when adults are talking
  12. Isn't it your bedtime?
  13. I bet even your parents don't like you
  14. Who let you out of your cage?
  15. Zombies eat brains so you're safe

What are clean roasts for friends?

81+ Good Roasts for Roblox [It Doesn't Get Better] (7)

I know you love your friends, but hey, who says you can roast them? If you're playing Roblox with friends, toasting each other can be a great way to strengthen your bond.

Well, that's when nobody's a Butthurt!

So if you and your friends are into a nice rap battle together in Roblox, here are some good roasts for Roblox:

  1. Did you know your parents pay me to be your friend?
  2. If you are as ugly as your real life avatar, I would stop being your friend
  3. I would like to say that you know how to play this game, but obviously you don't
  4. Even in Roblox, I'm the only friend
  5. I should get a reward for being your friend
  6. Most know you as my best friend, but gonorrhea doctors know zero about your patient
  7. If laughter is the best medicine, your face must heal the whole world
  8. we are best friends. I am the best, you are the friend
  9. best friends look alike. but you're just a replica of me
  10. You're like math. I hate math
  11. Trying to erase negativity is harder when you realize it's coming from the people around you
  12. You realize we're just tolerating you, right?
  13. You are like a software update. Every time I see you I think "not now"
  14. Tips on how to talk to me: Please don't
  15. You sound better with your mouth closed

Throw good roast on Roblox!

You throw a good roast by not only thinking of a wild and witty line, but also by making sure it's the right roast for the player and for the situation.

That means it has to have the perfect combination of wit and timing.

The roast lists for specific player types are great references for you! Use them at the right time. The more you participate in these Roblox rap battles, the more natural you become in composing your own creative, fun, and wild roasts!

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