Directed Line Segment Ratios Calculator (2023)

ThatCalculator Ratios for Directed Line Segmentswill help you with the calculationcoordinatesof thePointthePartitiontheline segmentgiven in onePortion. This article will examine what adirected line segmentis how to segment a line segment with a specific ratio with some examplesdivision formula, and frequently asked questions.

If you split your line segment in half, ours ismidpoint calculatorwill serve you just as well.

What is a directed line segment?

A line segmentABABABis part of a line bounded by two endpointsAAAandBBBwoABA \neq BA=B. Adirected line segment AB\overrightharpoon{AB}ABis a stretch with a specificDirection– it is the line segmentdirectedoutAAAtoBBB.

Directed Line Segment Ratios Calculator (1)

During the line segmentABABABcan also be written asBABABA, this is not true for the directed line segmentAB\overrightharpoon{AB}AB. That's becauseAB\overrightharpoon{AB}ABisdirectedoutAAAtoBBB, whereasBA\overrightharpoon{BA}BAisdirectedoutBBBtoAAA.

🔎 Note the similarities between adirected line segmentand aVector? Not all directed line segments are vectors, but you can use a directed line segment to geometrically represent a vector with the same direction if the length of the line segment matches the magnitude of the vector. OurVector Size Calculatorcan help you with that.

In the next section, we will answer that burning question in your mind: how are you?shareaSegmentingiven circumstances?

Directed line segment partitioning and formula

APoint PPPlying ondirected line segment AB\overrightharpoon{AB}ABWilleshareinto two line segments. There are two ways to split a line segment:

  1. Internally, if the pointPPPlies somewhereinsidethe segmentAB\overrightharpoon{AB}AB; and
  2. Extern, if the pointPPPis somewhere on theexpandedline segmentAB\overrightharpoon{AB}AB.
Directed Line Segment Ratios Calculator (2)

To partition the line segmentAB\overrightharpoon{AB}AB internallyin relationm:nm:nm:n, The pointP(px,pj)P(p_x,p_y)P(px,pj)must lieAB\overrightharpoon{AB}ABso it ismm+n\frac{m}{m+n}m+nmaway fromAAAandnm+n\frac{n}{m+n}m+nnaway fromBBB.

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Directed Line Segment Ratios Calculator (3)

On the other hand, to subdivide the line segmentAB\overrightharpoon{AB}AB externin relationm:nm:nm:n, The pointP(px,pj)P(p_x,p_y)P(px,pj)must lie on the extended line segmentAB\overrightharpoon{AB}ABso it ismmn\frac{m}{m-n}mnmaway fromAAAandnmn\frac{n}{m-n}mnnaway fromBBB.

Now that you understand the concept of dividing a line segment into a ratio, let's put a togetherFormulafor a directed segment divided by any pointPPP.

For theinterne PartitionvonAB\overrightharpoon{AB}AB:

P(px,pj)=(mx2+nx1m+n,mj2+nj1m+n)\scriptsize P(p_x,p_y) = \left(\frac{mx_2 + nx_1}{m+n}, \frac{my_2 + ny_1}{m+n}\right)P(px,pj)=(m+nmx2+nx1,m+nmj2+nj1)

And for themexterne PartitionvonAB\overrightharpoon{AB}AB:

P(px,pj)=(mx2nx1mn,mj2nj1mn)\scriptsize P(p_x,p_y) = \left(\frac{mx_2 - nx_1}{m-n}, \frac{my_2 - ny_1}{m-n}\right)P(px,pj)=(mnmx2nx1,mnmj2nj1)


  • PPP- AnyPointthepartitionsthedirected line segment AB\overrightharpoon{AB}AB;
  • px,pjp_x,p_ypx,pj- Thatx-andy coordinatesof the pointPPP;
  • m,nm, nm,nrelationship m:nm:nm:ninto which the pointPPPSplitsAB\overrightharpoon{AB}AB;
  • x1,j1x_1,y_1x1,j1- Thatx-andy coordinatesof the endpointAAAvonAB\overrightharpoon{AB}AB; and
  • x2,j2x_2,y_2x2,j2- Thatx-andy coordinatesof the endpointBBBvonAB\overrightharpoon{AB}AB.

❗ Consider this in case ofexternDivision of the line segment, the ratiosmmmandnnn cannot be the sameandmust be uniqueto avoid dividing by zero in the formula.

Now that you know the formula for the ratio of line segments, let's discuss it further along with some examples of segment partition calculation.

How do I partition a line segment with a specific ratio?

To find the pointP (Sx, pj)thesplits insidethe line segmentABin relationm:n, follow these steps:

  1. calculation pxusepx= (mx2+ nx1)/(m + n), wox1andx2are thex coordinatesvonAandBrespectively.
  2. Determine pjusepj= (mein2+ die1)/(m + n), woj1andj2are they coordinatesvonAandBrespectively.

To find the pointP (Sx, pj)thesplits outwardsthe line segmentABin relationm:n, follow these steps:

  1. To calculate pxusepx= (mx2-nx1)/(m - n), wox1andx2are thex coordinatesvonAandBrespectively.
  2. Find pjusepj= (mein2- the1)/(m - n), woj1andj2are they coordinatesvonAandBrespectively.
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For example, consider a line segmentAB\overrightharpoon{AB}ABwith the endpointsA(1,2)A(1,2)A(1,2)andB(4,6)B(4,6)B(4,6). The direction of this segment would be fromAAAtoBBB. To find a point thatSplitsDiessegment internallyin relation to2:32:32:3, we can use the internal partition formula as follows:

P(px,pj)=(24+312+3,26+322+3)=(115,185)=(2.2,3.6)\scriptsize \begin{align*}P(p_x, p_y) &= \left(\frac{2 \cdot 4 + 3 \cdot 1}{2+3}, \frac{2 \cdot 6 + 3\cdot 2 }{2+3}\right) \\\\&= \left(\frac{11}{5}, \frac{18}{5}\right) \\\\&= \left(2.2, 3.6 \right) \end{align*}P(px,pj)=(2+324+31,2+326+32)=(511,518)=(2.2,3.6)

Directed Line Segment Ratios Calculator (4)

Note that saying the pointP(2.2,3.6)P(2.2,3.6)P(2.2,3.6)SplitsAB\overrightharpoon{AB}ABin relation to2:32:32:3is the same as saying that the pointP(2.2,3.6)P(2.2,3.6)P(2.2,3.6)Lie25th{\frac{2}{5}}^{th}52thaway from the end pointA(1,2)A(1,2)A(1,2)and35th{\frac{3}{5}}^{th}53thaway from the end pointB(4,6)B(4,6)B(4,6).

Now if we want to split the same line segmentexternin the same ratio, then we use the formula forexterne Partitionof the line segment:

P(px,pj)=(243123,263223)=(831,1261)=(5,6)\scriptsize \begin{align*}P(p_x, p_y) &= \left(\frac{2 \cdot 4 - 3 \cdot 1}{2-3}, \frac{2 \cdot 6 - 3\cdot 2 }{2-3}\right) \\\\&= \left(\frac{8-3}{-1}, \frac{12-6}{-1}\right) \\\\&= \left(-5,-6\right) \end{align*}P(px,pj)=(232431,232632)=(183,1126)=(5,6)

Directed Line Segment Ratios Calculator (5)

See how easy it is to subdivide a line segment in a certain ratio?😉 Try some practice problems and master this method! You can always check your results using this calculator to split line segments.

How to use this calculator for directed line segment ratios

DiesDirected Line Segment Ratios Calculatoris beneficial to find thePointthat divides adirected line segmentin onegiven ratioor to findrelationshipwhere a given point bisects the line segment.

  1. Choosethetype of partitionin betweeninternandexternin themThe line is split...set up. By default we set it asinternPartition.

  2. Enterthecoordinatesof theendpointsof the segment. Make sure you get thoseDirectionof the line segment correctly. In this calculator is theDirectionis always fromA(x1,j1)A(x_1,y_1)A(x1,j1)toB(x2,j2)B(x_2,y_2)B(x2,j2).

  3. This step depends on whether you want to find the point or the ratio:

    • If therelationshipis thegivenvalue, enter itgiven ratioin the appropriate fields, and thecoordinatesof the point appear in their respective boxes, along with a helpful oneGraph. Otherwise leave themrelationshipFelderfile.
    • If thecoordinatesthe point is themgivenvalue, enter thiscoordinatesin the corresponding fields and the resulting onesrelationshipappears below.

You now have a simple tool that you can use to calculate the split of a line segment at any time! Check out ours tooGolden Ratio Calculatororendpoint calculatorfor further line segment partition calculations.

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How do I find a point dividing a segment in half?

If you know themcoordinatesof theendpointsof theline segment, you can easilyFindit isFocus (xm, jmₘ)with these steps:

  1. calculationthe average ofx coordinatesof theendpointsto get the x-coordinate of the center.xm= (x1+x2)/2.
  2. Determinethe average ofy coordinatesof theendpointsto get the y-coordinate of the (j1+ j2)/2.
  3. To verifythese results with ourMidpoint CalculatororDirected Line Segment Ratios Calculator.

How can I split a route into three equal parts?

tosharea line segmentABinthree equal parts, you must findtwo points P (Sx, pj)andQ(Qx, Qj)anAB, so that they each shareABin therelationships1:2 and 2:1:

(Video) geometry common core directed line segment divided ratio coordinates formula steps how mathgotserved

  1. calculationthex-Koordinate pxof the point P with the formulapx= (2x2+x1)/3, wox1andx2are thex coordinatesvonAandBrespectively.

  2. To calculatethey-Koordinate pjof the pointPusepj= (2j2+ j1)/3, woj1andj2are they coordinatesvonAandBrespectively.

  3. Determinethex-Koordinate qxof the pointQuseqx= (x2+2x1)/3.

  4. Findthey-Koordinate qjof the pointQuseqj= (j2+2 years1)/3.

  5. Put these coordinates together to get the pointsP (Sx, pj)andQ(Qx, Qj).

How do I find a point 1/3 from an endpoint?

APoint Plyingone thirdthe way from theend point Aon the line segmentABwill share it in therelationship1:2 To find this point, follow these simple steps:

  1. calculationthex-Koordinate pxfrom this point with the formulapx= (2x2+x1)/3, wox1andx2are thex coordinatesvonAandBrespectively.

  2. To calculatethey-Koordinate pjfrom this point withpj= (2j2+ j1)/3, woj1andj2are they coordinatesvonAandBrespectively.

  3. Put them together to get the desired pointP (Sx, pj).


How do you find the ratio of directed line segments? ›

To divide a line segment AB into three equal parts, you need to find two points P(px, py) and Q(Qx, Qy) on AB, such that they each divide AB into the ratios 1:2 and 2:1: Calculate the x-coordinate px of the point P using the formula px = (2x2 + x1)/3, where x1 and x2 are the x-coordinates of A and B respectively.

How do I partition a directed line segment? ›

Partitioning a directed line segment, AB, into a ratio a/b involves dividing the line segment into a + b equal parts and finding a point that is a equal parts from A and b equal parts from B.

What is a directed line segment in geometry? ›

A directed line segment is an object with an initial point, a terminal point, and a direction. A vector is an object that has a magnitude and a direction. We can represent it as a directed line segment, with the length representing the magnitude and the arrow representing the direction.

What is the formula of line segment? ›

So, the length of the line segment is d=√(x2−x1)2+(y2−y1)2 . Note: If the coordinates of the endpoints of the given line segment are in three dimensions, then we can apply the same distance formula and midpoint formula with slight variations.

What is the formula for ratio? ›

Ratios compare two numbers, usually by dividing them. If you are comparing one data point (A) to another data point (B), your formula would be A/B. This means you are dividing information A by information B. For example, if A is five and B is 10, your ratio will be 5/10.

Is it possible to divide a line segment in the ratio? ›

Hence, Geometrical construction is possible to divide a line segment in the ratio.

How do you calculate segments? ›

The area enclosed by a segment and the angle subtended by a segment is called a sector.
Area of a Segment of a Circle Formula.
Formula To Calculate Area of a Segment of a Circle
Area of a Segment in RadiansA = (½) × r2 (θ – Sin θ)
Area of a Segment in DegreesA = (½) × r 2 × [(π/180) θ – sin θ]

How do you translate by directed line segment? ›

A translation is defined using a directed line segment. It takes a point to another point so that the directed line segment from the original point to the image is parallel to the given line segment and has the same length and direction.

How do you divide a line segment without measuring? ›

The steps
  1. Choose the work-piece that you want to divide.
  2. Choose how many sections you want to make.
  3. Draw a diagonal line above the line being divided. ...
  4. Mark out equal points along the diagonal line.
  5. Use a square / 90 degree angle to draw lines from the points on the diagonal line down to the original work-piece.
  6. Done!

What is a directed line segment and what does it mean to partition it? ›

Partition means to separate or to divide. A line segment can be partitioned into smaller segments which are compared as ratios. Partitions occur on line segments that are referred to as directed segments. A directed segment is a segment that has distance (length) and direction.

What are the properties of directed line segment? ›

A directed line segment has both magnitude and direction. Magnitude refers to the length of the directed line segment and is usually based on a scale. The vector quantity represented, such as influence of the wind or water current may be completely invisible.

What are the 3 steps in constructing a line segment? ›

Step 1 : Draw a line .
  • Step 2 : Take point A anywhere on the line .
  • Step 3 : Extend the compass by keeping one end on the 0 cm mark at the given length of the rule.
  • Step 4 : Draw an arc on the line by keeping the pointed end of the compass on the point A .Mark the arc point as B.
  • So 3 is the third step .

What are three examples of line segments? ›

Pencil. Edges of a ruler Edges of a paper
  • Pencil.
  • Edges of a ruler.
  • Edges of a paper.

How do you find the ratio of a section formula? ›

Answer: The section formula helps in determining the coordinates of a point which facilitates division of the line joining two points in a ratio. This takes place either internally or externally. P ( x , y ) = ( c ⋅ m + a ⋅ n m + n , d ⋅ m + b ⋅ n m + n ) .

How do you find the number of line segments? ›

So, given five points arranged in the circle, the number of line segments is four plus three plus two plus one. We can generalize this and say, given 𝑛 points in a circle, the sum would be 𝑛 minus one plus 𝑛 minus two plus 𝑛 minus three and so on. And so, for 87 points, the sum would be 86 plus 85 plus 84 and so on.

How do you do ratios step by step? ›

To calculate a ratio of a number, follow these 3 steps:
  1. Add the parts of the ratio to find the total number of parts.
  2. Find the value of each part of the ratio by dividing the number by the total number of parts calculated in step 1.
  3. Multiply each part of the original ratio by the value of each part calculated in step 2.
12 May 2018

How do you find a ratio trick? ›

Ratio and Proportion Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts
  1. If x : y and z : a, then it can be solved as (x*z)/(y*a).
  2. If x/y=z/a=b/c, then each of these ratios is equal to (x+z+e) ⁄(y+a+f)
  3. If x/y=z/a, then y/x=a/z (Invertenao)
  4. If x/y=z/a, then x/z=y/a (Alterenao)
  5. If x/y=z/a, then (x+y)/y=(z+a)/a (Componendo)

Is it possible to divide a line segment in 2 √ 5 3? ›

Hence, the statement is False.

Is it possible to divide a line segment in the ratio √ 3 1 √ 3? ›

By geometrical construction, it is possible to divide a line segment in the ratio √(3) : 1√(3) .

What is line segment ratio? ›

∴ Required ratio = 1:2.

How do you find the point of a directed line segment that partitions the segment in a given ratio? ›

Consider the directed line segment ¯XY with coordinates of the endpoints as X(x1,y1) and Y(x2,y2). Suppose the point Z divided the segment in the ratio a:b, then the point is aa+b of the way from X to Y. So, generalizing the method we have, the components of the segment ¯XZ are 〈(aa+b(x2−x1)),(aa+b(y2−y1))〉.

How do I automatically translate lines in line? ›

Click on the top. Click on the top right. Click 'Settings'. In Settings, select the language to auto-translate from the 'Auto translation language' field.

What are the 3 types of A partitions? ›

Different Drive Partitions
  • Primary Partition: Contains one file system and typically stores the boot files for the primary operating system. ...
  • Extended Partition: A defined area where logical drives are stored. ...
  • Logical Partition: Can be used to store data, but can't boot an operating system.
9 Jul 2018

Why partitioning a directed line segment into a ratio of 1:2 is not the same as finding half the length of the directed line segment? ›

A ratio of 1:2 means that there are 3 parts in total. One part will be before the desired point, and 2 parts will be after the desired point. This is the same as finding the point that is 1/3 the length. Half the length of the segment would mean there would only be two pieces, each of equal size.

What's the endpoint formula? ›

Putting it together, the endpoint formula is: (xa,ya)=((2xm−xb),(2ym−yb)) ( x a , y a ) = ( ( 2 x m − x b ) , ( 2 y m − y b ) ) .

What two characteristics determine whether two directed line segments are equivalent? ›

So this has what to characteristics determine whether to directed line segments or vectors are equivalent, and that is going to be the magnitude in the direction, so the length of the vector and the direction that it's moving in.

Is a vector is a directed line segment? ›

A vector is a directed line segment symbolised by putting an arrow at the end of the line segment in the required direction. The length of the line segment represents the magnitude of the vector. Vectors are written in texts as small letters with a line or arrow over them.

What is the five examples of line segment? ›

Complete step-by-step answer:
  • A tube light.: It is straight and has a fixed length of about 3-5 feet.
  • A pen / pencil.: A pen or a pencil are usually straight and are of a fixed length of about 15-20 cm.
  • A scale.: A length measuring instrument, usually 15 cm or 30 cm in length, is a good example of a line segment.

How many line segments can be formed with 3 points? ›

And we all know that a line segment requires two minimum points. Therefore the combinations of number of line segments is 3C2. Therefore the number of line segments from three non-collinear points is 3.

How many segments are in a line with 3 points? ›

Thus namely 3 line segments are possible with three collinear points.

What are the 4 steps in constructing a line segment? ›

Step 1: Draw a line l and mark point A on it. Step 2: Take the compasses and measure AB. Step 3: Without disturbing the opening, place its needle at A and draw an arc cutting line l at B. Step 4: Again adjust the compasses and measure the line segment BC.

What are the 7 types of lines? ›

The different types of lines are as mentioned below:
  • Straight line.
  • Curved line.
  • Horizontal line.
  • Vertical line.
  • Parallel lines.
  • Intersecting lines.
  • Perpendicular lines.
  • Transversal line.

What are the six line segments? ›

c) The six-line segments are AB, AC, BC, BD, DC and AD.

How do you find the ratio of a line segment joining? ›

So, we can represent it as follows. Now, we know that section formula is given as, a=mx2+nx1m+n,b=my2+ny1m+n, where (a,b) is coordinate of the point dividing the line segment in the ratio m:n and (x1,y1),(x2,y2) are the coordinates of the points joining the line segment.

How do you find the ratio of a line in coordinate geometry? ›

Consider two points P(x1, y1) and Q(x2, y2). We have to find the coordinates of the point R which divides PQ in the ratio m : n, i.e. PR / RQ = m / n. Given the ratio, the point R can either lie between P and Q, or outside the line segment PQ.

In what ratio is the line segment joining 1/3 and 2 7? ›

So, the line 3x + y – 9 = 0 divides the segment joining the points (1, 3) and (2, 7) in the ratio 3:4.

What ratio does the line segment join 3 1? ›

Hence, the required ratio is =32:1=2:3.

How do you find the ratio of a plot? ›

Plot ratio is the relationship between site area and the total floor area of the buildings erected on it. The plot ratio is calculated by dividing the gross floor area of the building by the site area. Plot ratio = Gross Floor Area divided by gross site area.

How do you find the ratio of a ratio and proportion? ›

What is the Formula of Ratio and Proportion? The ratio formula for any two quantities is expressed as a : b ⇒ a/b. On the other hand, the proportion formula is expressed as a:b::c:d⟶ab=cd a : b :: c : d ⟶ a b = c d .

What is Direction ratio of a line? ›

Numbers that are proportional to the direction cosines of the line are called direction ratios of the line. We have assumed l, m, and n as the directional cosines of the lines. Let's say a, b and c are the directional ratios of the line. Then, l = k × a, m = k × b and n = k × c.

In what ratio is the line joining a 8 9 and B (- 7 4? ›

∴1k=32 ∴Ratio:2:3. Was this answer helpful?

How do you find the ratio of a slope? ›

Convert the rise and run to the same units and then divide the rise by the run. Multiply this number by 100 and you have the percentage slope. For instance, 3" rise divided by 36" run = . 083 x 100 = an 8.3% slope.

What are the 3 ratio ways? ›

Ratios can be written 3 different ways:
  • Using the : symbol — 2:5.
  • As a common fraction — 25. The first number in the ratio is the numerator; the second number is the denominator. Ratios written as a common fraction are read as a ratio, not as a fraction. Say “2 to 5,” not “two-fifths.”
  • Using the word “to” — 2 to 5.

What are the 3 ways we represent ratios? ›

A ratio can be written in three different ways: with the word “to”: 3 to 4. as a fraction: . with a colon: 3 : 4.


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