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Dura coating is the ultimate protection for ceramic surfaces, providing long-term protection for up to 12 months.

Durazane 1500-resin is used in a complex molecular structure to enhance the protective backbone bonded to the vehicle's exterior surfaces.

In this article, we will discuss Dura coating; how to apply it, including advantages and disadvantages.

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How should I care for my Dura coat after applying it?

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Dura coatingCan be handled like this:

Use only car wash soap/detergent, diluted degreaser, water and a soft brush to clean rims and tires.

We also have two Dura-coated safe wheel cleaners.

When washing your car, avoid using harsh chemicals on the tires or wheels.

Whenever the car is washed or the tires get dirty, wash the tires.

After applying a Dura coat, do not apply any other tire dressing to the tire.

Make sure any auto dealer service appointment does not result in silicone tire dressings over Dura-Drafting.

Always wear gloves. For the daily driver, we recommend a deep clean every 2-3 months to remove oil and heavy debris from the road.

The Dura coating remains pliable and supple, so a thorough cleaning may be required over time.

it's actually really easy. Just use a microfiber pad and a Dura-Cleaner or our Heavy Duty Tire Cleaner.

Wipe the microfiber pad around the tire 3-4 times with detergent.

The foam will begin to turn brown as it removes surface oil and debris.

Rinse thoroughly with a hose immediately. that's all. Your tire is now ready to be "patched" with another coat of Dura coating.

Apply with a microfiber pad or foam applicator.

Since the Dura Coat Primer is still on the tire, it should be applied liberally during this application.

For daily drivers, repeat this process every 2-3 months. Non-daily drivers may only need it every 8 to 18 months.

If the tires are still shiny to your liking, no deep cleaning is necessary.

Always wear gloves. Dura coating should not be used in direct sunlight.

You can touch up the Dura coat as needed with a foam applicator or microfiber pad.

Start by washing the tires with a soft brush and a mixture of dish soap and water.

Then, apply a few very thin coats to the tire using a small amount of Dura Coat.

You don't need much. There's no need to overdo it. This should be a quick step. Each tire takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes to complete.

For the daily driver, we recommend doing this every 6-10 weeks to renew the UV protection and shine.

The disappearance of the Dura coating isn't just because the sheen is a bit dull. It still exists.

As mentioned earlier, Dura coatings require a quick deep clean every few months.

This should be done with a microfiber pad and Dura coating, not Dura coating.

Pass the saturated microfiber pad three or four times around the tire. The surface will darken.

Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry. Once dry, reapply some Dura coats for a new glossy look.

Do not use harsh chemicals on rims or tires after applying a Dura coating. 6 months after purchase, throw away any leftover Dura coating. Store between 50°F and 75°F.

What are the advantages of Dura coating?

Dura coating works, but be prepared to lift the hose or thin it out a bit.

The tarnished large truck rims are polished and reconditioned to look like new. Dura coating keeps new rims and tires looking like new.

Dura coating restores luster to chromed wheels. It can melt an old truck with a lot of brake dust until it is clean.

This is a fantastic product and does exactly what the manufacturer claims. No need to use dish soap before use.

Dura coating removes residue from wheels as well as brake dust and road pollutants that dishwashing liquid can't easily remove.

Works great, but must be used in a well-ventilated environment. There is acid in the mixture.

I can't breathe the fumes. Most likely, the solution must be dissolved in water.

Simply spray it on, let it soak in for a few seconds, then use a soft brush over the sprayed area and watch all buildup come off in no time without scrubbing.

Even when painted on the bumper, it will wash off the wheels and be like new.

It is a strong substance suitable for use in cast aluminum and engine blocks.

Because it will stain polished aluminum, test it on a small area first.

The Dura coating was applied to an older Buick LaCrosse from 2005, which had chrome hubs on parts like the brake calipers to help it shine.

Thoroughly clean.

Disadvantages of Dura Coating

This product will clean your wheels, but it's no better than any other all-purpose wheel cleaner.

The effect is not as good as advertised.

It's grossly overpriced and lacks effectiveness.

Product ad images are misleading.

It cannot be used on chromed wheels.

There is no way to remove dust from the rims.

Does not remove dirt and grime.

The bottle breaks easily.

Not safe for clear coats on wheels.

What is a Dura dressing?

Dura-Dura-Durasing is a flexible clear coat that dries and cures like paint.

Dura-Saress contains no oils or silicones and is completely dry and non-stick when cured.

It's washable, waterproof, won't shed, won't turn brown, and will last for months.

This is literally the tire truing tool that everyone wishes they had. Dura-dressings do not peel or crack easily.

How does a Dura dressing work?

Dura-dressing is applied with a foam or microfiber applicator, just like traditional tire dressing.

In fact, it's very simple.

The most important step is to properly clean the tire with a tire cleaner designed for us to strip and remove any old tire dressing that was previously applied to that tire.

It usually takes 3-4 tire cleanings to remove all old tire dressing.

Yes, they must all be removed or the Dura Dressing will not work properly.

Tires may turn brown because old tire dressing is still brown under the Dura-Dressing clear coat.

If Dura dressing is applied over old tire dressing it may not shine.

If there is still silicone on the surface of the tire, it may only last a few days because there is nothing to stick to the silicone.

Dura-Trim, not old tire trim, must be adhered to the tire.

Dura-dressing is not compatible with other tire dressings. You wouldn't give a car a ceramic coat over the polish you just used to correct the paint.

In order for the ceramic coating to adhere to the paint, the polish must first be removed and the surface prepared.

Dura-Dura-Dressing is similar to tire ceramic coating. It takes a properly prepared surface and it works every time.

How long does it take for a Dura dressing to dry?

Dura-dressings dry at different rates depending on the temperature of application.

For example, in 80 degrees Fahrenheit in Florida, it will dry in 1-4 minutes, and if you put the tires on the sides of your vehicle in direct sunlight for 30 minutes, it will actually be waterproof in 1 hour.

If direct sunlight is not available to help cure the Dura-Dressing, we recommend a total dry time of 12 hours at 75-90°F, or 24 hours at lower temperatures.

If you use Dura-Dura Dressing and the tire gets wet before it is fully cured, the Dura-Dura Dressing will not come off completely.

Simply reapply on top of the previous application. Dura-dressing is very simple to use. Do not use on tires exposed to direct sunlight.

in conclusion

Dura-Coating is a powerful and effective car cleaning formula.

It's ultra-concentrated to quickly remove brake dust and oxides. It illuminates your wheels by restoring melted embedded debris.

This high-performance wheel and tire cleaner restores heavily soiled rims to their original finish and brightens wheels. It's biodegradable and incredible!


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