How to Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet (VIN Search) 2023 - 5 Steps (2023)

Whether you are buying a brand new model or a used vehicle, finally getting the Jeep of your dreams gives you a fantastic feeling. Once you have your new pride and joy, you can start imagining how you might want to use it or even customize it. That's part of the magic of jeeps!

However, before making any modifications, it's a good idea to get the Jeep factory build sheet for your particular model. Essentially, a build folio is a comprehensive document that describes the exact parts and specifications of your Jeep, or perhaps Jeep Wrangler.

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Jeep owners love to customize their vehicles, including adding window decals. If you bought a used Jeep, the construction map can help you identify exactly what has been modified.

How to Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet [Quick Steps]

How to get your factory jeep build sheet:

  1. Find the VIN or vehicle identification number.
  2. Look for the build sheet.
  3. Download and print the build sheet.
  4. Try the FCA historical database.
  5. Search online for Jeep models made before 1998.

In this post we explain what a Jeep Factory Build Folio is and why you would want one. We also explain what a VIN number is and how you can use it to find your build folio.

Is it possible to get your factory jeep build sheet?

While it may sound complicated, it is certainly possible to obtain Jeep factory instructions for most Jeep models. However, it can be much more difficult if you have an older model that has changed hands several times. All Jeep emblems, from Cherokees to Wranglers, have their own collection of build folios.

In some cases, obtaining the build documentation for your particular Jeep Wrangler model is incredibly important, especially if it is a used model that has been extensively customized. Thankfully, Jeep Wrangler has some dedicated services to help you find your build folios quickly and easily.

How to Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet (VIN Search) 2023 - 5 Steps (2)

A basic rule of thumb when trying to get a Jeep factory build folio is that if your pre-1998 Jeep rolled out of production, it's fairly easy to get the build folio. But for older Jeep models, especially vintage or classic ones, it can be a lot more of a hassle.

Essentially, Jeep keeps a thorough record of build documentation for nearly every model built since 1998. These documents are stored in their online database and can be easily accessed by most owners if they have an internet connection.

But for models built before 1998, Jeep hadn't created its Build Folio database yet. It is very likely that the Jeep build sheets for these models were not fully recorded by the company at this time. Some were entered into the system, but if they weren't, don't panic. You can still find the build folio, but it usually takes a bit of extra effort.

Why Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet?

Purchasing the factory building sheet for your Jeep makes sense for a number of reasons. It helps you keep track of the exact specs of your unique vehicle, making it easier to customize your vehicle and find compatible parts.

If you purchased a brand new Jeep that you customized at the factory, the build map will help you identify each of your custom parts. The document explains how your Jeep differs from a standard model. This is also something to keep in case you ever resell your Jeep to give your potential buyer a clear summary of the vehicle.

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If you bought your Jeep second-hand and the previous owner already customized it, the factory build sheet will tell you exactly what parts the vehicle had when the Jeep originally left the factory. This provides a good basis if you want to restore the Jeep to its original condition. It also helps you find compatible parts if you want to replace things that have been customized.

Knowing the jeep's stock parts can also be helpful if something goes wrong with custom parts. For example, if the previous owner replaced the engine and it suddenly broke beyond repair, obtaining the construction folder can help you figure out which engine to replace it with.

A Jeep factory blueprint also acts as a kind of biography of your custom Jeep. This record includes pertinent data such as the vehicle's production year, a specific model or edition, where the Jeep was manufactured, and which automaker manufactured it.

VIN breakdown

The key to unlocking your Jeep's factory build sheet is having the correct VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. This is a collection of 17 letters and numbers that contains a lot of information about your unique Jeep. With the correct VIN number for your Jeep, you can easily find your build folio online.

Here's a quick breakdown of what the 17 parts of your Jeep's VIN mean:

How to Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet (VIN Search) 2023 - 5 Steps (4)
  • 1st - Denotes theLandwhere your jeep was made. 1, 3 or 4 represents the USA. 2 stands for Canada, while a 3 with the first letter of a country name indicates that your jeep was built abroad (3M = Mexico).
  • 2nd – This letter denotes theManufacturerof the Jeep, ie "C" for Chrysler.
  • 3rd - Stands for themvehicle type, such as B. "4", which indicates a passenger car.
  • 4thbis 8th- ADescriptionof your Jeep, such as "4WD" or "SUV".
  • 9th - Acheck digitthis helps to verify that the VIN is correct.
  • 10th – A letter or number that indicates thatYearthat your jeep was made.
  • 11th- The number ofProduction facilitywhere your jeep was made.
  • 12thbis 17th– your vehicleproduction sequence number.

The correct VIN for your Jeep can usually be found in the vehicle's registration documents. If you don't have this, the VIN number will also be displayed somewhere on the vehicle, either under the hood or on a panel. Each Jeep model displays its correct VIN in a different location.

How to Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet (Step-by-Step Guide)

Finding the Jeep factory blueprint for your vehicle is easier than it sounds. This step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to do it, depending on when your vehicle was manufactured.

Steps 1 through 3 cover how to find a build folio for a post 1998 Jeep. Steps 4 and 5 provide a few options that may help you find your Jeep's build folio if the vehicle was built before 1998 and is not listed in Jeep's main database.

Step One - Find the VIN

The VIN code is usually displayed on a window sticker or plaque located somewhere in your jeep. This could be hidden in the engine bay or on one of the door jambs. Each specific Jeep model has its VIN stored in a different location.

You can also find your VIN by checking your vehicle's registration documents, which you received from the Jeep dealer, or by contacting a specialized Jeep mechanic.

How to Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet (VIN Search) 2023 - 5 Steps (5)

Step Two - Look for the build sheet

Once you have the VIN code, you can use it to find your build folio online. You can use the...official website of the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automotive).or use an onlineJeep-VIN-Decoder. These websites usually have access to Jeep's records so they can search the database for your VIN number. ThisJeep VIN SearchWebsites are usually free.

Step Three - Download or print the build sheet

Once you have located the build folder for your Jeep using a Jeep VIN decoder or Jeep VIN lookup website, you can either print the document or download a copy to your computer or smartphone. You have now completely recorded everything to do with your Jeep. As simple as that!

Step 4 - Test the FCA Historical Database (for Jeep models before 1998)

If your Jeep was built before 1998, there is a good chance that the build folio will not be stored in Jeep's main database. But the company has also set up a history department for owners of older Jeeps. This area of ​​the business can locate Jeep factory blueprints for older models such as classic or vintage Jeeps.

How to Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet (VIN Search) 2023 - 5 Steps (6)

To contact the FCA Historical Department, give them a call and say you are looking for a pre 1998 Jeep build sheet. completion aCreate record request formalso possible by e-mail or post. To do this, you need to find your vehicle's VIN code.

Step 5 - Try searching online (for Jeep models before 1998)

An alternative way of contacting the FCA's historical department is to use the internet to attempt to track down the factory data of your pre 1998 Jeep at the Jeep dealership. Again, you need to find your car's VIN code, which is usually located somewhere in the vehicle.

After finding the VIN code, you can use free tools like a Jeep VIN lookup website or a Jeep VIN decoder to gather some information about your vehicle. Jeep VIN Lookup is also a great tool for VIN codes. This appropriate data can then help you find the right build folio for your make and model. You can also get it from your Jeep dealer.

VIN locations by generations

As previously mentioned, different models and generations of each Jeep vehicle display their VIN codes in different places around the vehicle. It can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack at times, but you can narrow your search radius by checking some common VIN locations.

How to Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet (VIN Search) 2023 - 5 Steps (7)

If you have the registration papers for your vehicle from the Jeep dealership you bought, then you're in luck. The VIN code should normally be located there. If your Jeep was manufactured before 1980, the VIN combination should be 12 letters and numbers. On Jeeps built after 1980, due to a change in federal law, the VIN was changed to a 17-digit alphanumeric combination.

But if you don't have these documents, you can still find the VIN code. This may require an in-depth investigation of your vehicle as different jeep models of different generations and from different jeep dealerships have displayed the VIN code in different places. If your mechanic specializes in Jeeps, it's worth asking them if they know where to find the code.

Common areas where the code will appear include:

  • The engine room
  • The pillar or jamb of the driver's door (especially for Jeeps built between 1962 and 1971)
  • The driver's side corner of the dashboard, typically where the window decal meets the dashboard

It's also worth reading the Jeep forums online for guidance. Other Jeep enthusiasts may have the same Jeep model from the same year as you and may have already found the VIN location. It's definitely worth asking around or searching online.

Final Thoughts on the Jeep Vin Build Sheet

For jeep fans, a jeep factory building sheet can be an indispensable and one of the best useful free resources when it comes to modifying your pride and joy. These comprehensive documents contain important information about your car, such as: B. the year of manufacture, the exact engine under the hood and specifications about its parts.

How to Get Factory Jeep Build Sheet (VIN Search) 2023 - 5 Steps (8)

This comes in handy when trying to find components that exactly match your model. A buildplate is also a good starting point for restoring a previously modified Jeep Wrangler to its factory condition. When selling your vehicle, the build folder can also help show a potential buyer exactly what they are getting.

Remember that in order to find the correct Jeep factory data sheet for your car, you need to find the vehicle's VIN code. Armed with this 12 or 17 digit code, you can quickly and easily locate and assist with your build sheetStart customizing your beloved Jeep.

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