How to make Netflix full screen on TV? (Best Methods) (2023)

If you want to learn how to watch Netflix full screen on TV, we have it all for you here in this guide!

Unlike other tutorials you might come across on the web, ours would not be easy as we provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step method to achieve it.

In order to put Netflix in full screen mode, you must first update the information stored on your device. Then sign out of Netflix and sign back in. After that, manually adjust the screen size on your device and switch the picture resolution of your TV.

Before we get to that resolution though, let's first learn more about what can be causing your TV not to full screen when accessing Netflix and other streaming services.

Why Netflix isn't showing in full screen on Smart TV

If Netflix isn't appearing in full screen mode on your TV, there could be a number of reasons.

There can be software bugs, wrong settings and other things that could contribute negatively.

Also, your TV may be displaying the content in the wrong aspect ratio or resolution.

However, let's review the aspect ratio and resolution options that are likely to affect your Netflix experience.

What do the terms resolution and aspect ratio mean for a TV?

How to make Netflix full screen on TV? (Best Methods) (1)

Both terms are used to describe the picture and format that you see on the television screen.

Aspect ratio and resolution are related values ​​and affect each other.


resolutionis the number of dots (pixels) that make up a picture on the TV.

The more dots there are in an image, the higher the resolution and image quality.

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TV resolution counts the number of dots or pixels in an image vertically. Each resolution is assigned a name.

aspect ratio

The aspect ratio is the ratio of width to height of your TV screen.

Some aspect ratios can handle certain resolutions without distorting or stretching the image and without voids around the image.

Here are some of the more common TV resolutions:

480i or 480p resolution

Also known asstandard definition (SD), it has an aspect ratio of 4:3 and is 640 pixels wide x 480 pixels high.

720p resolution

Typically has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and is 1280 pixels wide x 720 pixels high.

1080i or 1080p resolution

Also known asHigh Definition (HD). It has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and is 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high.

2160p resolution

Finally the best or more commonly referred to asUltra High Definition (UHD) or 4K. It has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and is 3840 pixels wide x 2160 pixels high.

What aspect ratio does Netflix use?

The aspect ratio of Netflix is ​​16:9. This streaming service assumes that people use their laptops and televisions to watch content.

If a show is filmed in an unusual aspect ratio, Netflix will process the image to better fit your screen.

Some shows and movies on the Netflix service may have black borders called letterboxes or wings.

The black bars mean that the aspect ratio in which the image was filmed does not perfectly match your screen. Aspect ratios vary from program to program.

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To help you further, here are a few points to remember:

  • Big blockbuster and epic movies have an aspect ratio of 2.35:1 or 2.40:1.
  • Broadcasts with an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 result in small black bars.
  • HDTV programs with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 fit the entire screen correctly.
  • Older movies/shows with a listed 1.33:1 aspect ratio will have black bars on the left and right.

Now that we are aware of this, is there a way for us to customize and enable Netflix on our TVs in full screen?

How to make Netflix on Smart TV full screen?

How to make Netflix full screen on TV? (Best Methods) (2)

In this guide we will tackle everything that seems related or relevant to find the solution to this problem.

So rest assured that our guide is overly complete - you don't need any other source to back it up.

Step #1: Turn your TV off and on again or restart it

You can refresh your TV or turn it off and on again by turning it off. That means you have to turn it off briefly and then turn it back on.

How do I restart Smart TV?

  1. Turn off your TV using either the remote control or the TV front panel.
  2. Then unplug your Smart TV for more than a minute.
  3. Press and hold the TV's power button for five (5) seconds to discharge it.
  4. Plug the TV back in and turn it on.

A NOTICE:If your TV doesn't have a power switch, simply leave it unplugged for the recommended amount of time.

Step #2: Change the Netflix setting to full screen

Next you want to try changing the settings in Netflix.

Follow these steps to select the correct aspect ratio in Netflix programming.

  1. Press[HOMETOWN]to return to the main menu.
  2. Then navigate toconfiguration.
  3. To markadvertisementand scroll toTV aspect ratio.
  4. Choose between16:9 Originalor16:9 full.

Apply and save the changes so the system recognizes them.

Step #3: Complete the TV settings

To learn how to watch Netflix full screen on TV, you absolutely must check the TV settings.

When the picture is stretched, your TV will display SD content in 4:3 format with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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An image that does not fill the screen means the TV is displaying SD 4:3 content in its native resolution. HD programs are displayed with an aspect ratio of 16:9, but SD programs with an aspect ratio of 4:3

An HD TV can display SD signals by converting the picture to 16:9 to fit your screen. This fills the entire screen. However, the result looks stretched and blotchy.

Alternativ kann Ihr Fernseher in der nativen 4:3-Auflösung angezeigt werden, die nicht verzerrt ist und den Platz nicht ausfüllt.

Instead, you get a 4:3 picture with large black areas on either side of the screen.

Before changing the TV picture settings:

  1. Check the TV menu and start-up screen for stretching and distortion.
  2. Try a different input source (different HDMI or Blu-ray Disc player).
  3. Check the aspect ratio of the Netflix movie or program you are watching.
  4. Check for Extended Data Services (XDS)or Closed Captioning (CC) – Both services can cause the image to appear truncated, distorted, or stretched.

A NOTICE:Some TVs do not provide the option to change the aspect ratio of the picture when receiving 720p or 1080i/p signals. So keep that in mind as well.

Step #4: Change the Automatic TV Picture Setting

Luckily, most TVs automatically adjust the aspect ratio based on what feed they're receiving.

But all televisions are different. Look for your TV's aspect ratio adjustments in the picture settings.

Put the setting onNormalorAutomatic adjustmentInstead ofZoom,stretch, orfull screen.

Step #5: Change picture setting manually

If your TV receives a signal that has not been adjusted by automatic modes, use the remote control to change the TV display modes.

Check the remote control for aWideorZoomButton. Then press the button repeatedly to change the widescreen mode so that the picture from Netflix is ​​displayed correctly.

For a TV without picture adjustment on the remote control, do the following:

(Video) Hisense Smart TV: How to Reset Picture Settings (Picture Problems?)

  1. Press the Menu or Home button to access the TV menu.
  2. Select based on TV modelDisplay & SoundorImage & Ad>Screen,system or displaythe settings.
  3. Choose the screen mode that works best with Netflix.

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Final Thoughts

Want to find out how to watch Netflix full screen on TV? Interested in customizing resolutions and sizes?

If yes, then the above methods can definitely help you identify the problem and hopefully solve it quickly!

Keep our guide handy and rest assured that you won't face any big and bad problems regarding your Netflix experience.

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