PG vs. VG: How Ratios Change Flavor, Cloud, and Throat [2020] (2023)

PG vs. VG: How Ratios Change Flavor, Cloud, and Throat [2020] (1)

Published on5 January 2020 |by rich


PG (Propylene Glycol)AndVG (vegetable glycerin),combined with flavor are the only ingredients in e-juice, so knowing the differences (and the ratios in which they are used) is actually pretty important when shopping for e-juice.

In short:

  • PG produces fewer clouds than VG because it is generally a less viscous liquid. But is completely flavorless, meaning that juice flavors with higher levels of PG have sharper, more defined flavors.
  • VG produces much more vapor than PG, one flavor in particular contains more than 70% VG. However, it also has an inherent "sweet" flavor that can overwhelm the subtleties in a juice, especially non-dessert flavors.

A large selection of flavors is populare of the best benefits of vaping. But it's not just the taste and nicotine content that you need to consider and you should always pay attention to what the PG VG ratio of your juice is.

In fact, I'd say it's just as important as taste. By that I mean if you have two vape juices with the same flavor but vastly different PG/VG ratios, you will likely notice a difference.

It can go so far as to give each flavor a fruity lime flavorsparkling and crisplike the fruit, orsoft and decadentlike a dessert.

What exactly is PG and VG?

First, let's go through what PG and VG actually are. PG stands for Propylene Glycol and VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin.

Both substances are already used in thousands of products that we use every day.

Propylene Glycol (PG)is an organic glycerin fromPG vs. VG: How Ratios Change Flavor, Cloud, and Throat [2020] (2)Propylene Oxide, a petroleum by-product.

It is used in a wide range of products including solvents, chemical additives and many medical and pharmaceutical personal care products.

Die U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified PG juice as "generally recognized as safe".

The best place to buy USA made PG for DIY e-juice online

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)is a natural organic glycerin made from vegetable oil derived from palm and/or coconut oil.

The vegetable glycerin is mixed with water and then heated to a high pressure and temperature. The glycerin dissolves from the fatty acids and is then absorbed by the water.

Food grade VG is 99.7% pure and contains 0.3% water. Vegetable glycerin is found in pharmaceutical, medicinal, and personal care products, and of course, e-liquid!

The best place to buy USA made VG for DIY e-juice online

Difference between PG and VG

PG juice istasteless and clear, which presents the extra flavor of your e-juice very well.

PG juice has one toothinner, less viscousConsistency than VG juice.

This means less dirt will build up on the coil of your atomizer than VG juice.

It also has a thin consistency, making heavy PG juices more likely to leak into vaping or sub-ohm tanks.

VG, on the other hand, has a naturally sweet flavor that can sometimes be noticed when vaping VG juices.

Unlike PG liquids, the thicker, more viscous VG juice can sometimes clog the coil of your tank or RDA, causing flooding, forcing you to do sosauberit more often.

On the other hand, the extra thick VG juices are less likely to spill out of your tank.

PG vs. VG vapor production?

PG vs. VG: How Ratios Change Flavor, Cloud, and Throat [2020] (3)

If you areinterested in huge clouds of steam, then VG is the way to go.

100% VG e liquid flavors have great vapor production and a very smooth feel.

Great for impressing your friends or doing cool smoking tricks!

IfProduce Thunderz Clouddzhas no particular appeal for you, you should definitely consider some PG juices.

Many enjoy the combination of light vapor and clean flavor.

Also, PG flavors come in handy when you vape in public and don't want to attract attention with large clouds of vapor.

What Has More Throat Hit?

While nicotine has the biggest impact than PG/VG ratios, it's important to note that PG juices have a stronger throat hit than VG flavors.

There are many vapers who started vaping to help them quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

These vapers tend to enjoy a stronger throat hit, similar to what you experience when smoking cigarettes.

If you don't like a throat hit, you should look for VG e-juice flavors.

100% VG juices have extremely little, if any, throat hit and feel very smooth when vaporized.

How to find your perfect relationship

If you are new to the vaping community, I suggest starting with 50/50 (PG/VG) ratio juices.

This will give you a basic flavor profile to work with and give you a feel for the differences between VG and PG.

PG vs. VG: How Ratios Change Flavor, Cloud, and Throat [2020] (4)After vaping some 50/50 juice, you can start customizing your blend to suit your taste.

After a while, you'll get a better idea of ​​the flavors, VG/PG ratio, and nicotine levels of the juice you're enjoying.=

The following explains what to expect from different PG and VG ratios.

These are not absolute laws, just to give you a general idea of ​​what to look out for.

  • 100 % PG:Very powerful throat hit, with clean flavors and little vapor production.
  • 80/20 (PG/VG):Still very little vapor production and a moderately strong throat hit.
  • 70/30 (PG/VG):A little more steam, a little less throat hit.
  • 60/40 (PG/VG):Decent vapor with a noticeable but not overpowering throat hit.
  • 50/50 (PG/VG):An even blend with quality vapor clouds and a smooth throat hit.
  • 40/60 (PG/VG):Noticeably larger vapor clouds and a reduced throat hit.
  • 30/70 (PG/VG):Good vapor production and a minimal throat hit.
  • 20/80 (PG/VG):Excellent vapor production and a very small throat hit.
  • 100 % VG:Very little throat hit, with noticeably sweet flavor undertones and massive vapor production.

Our supplier recommendations

If you are looking for places to buy e-juice with a good variety of flavorsAndPG/VG ratios, check ours2020 E-Juice Guide, where we rate and review some of the most popular US based e-juice providers available online.

We alsowe recommend you try Central Vapors for all your e-juice and DIY needs.

If you're from a more remote area of ​​the country like Alaska, we've provided an informative guideVaping in Alaska.

Let's sum it up

PG and VG are the two main components that go into e-juices. Thin, clear and tasteless, PG juice is more of a smack in the throat.

VG juice is thicker and has a naturally sweet taste that can blend with the flavor of the juice. VG has less throat hit but much higher vapor production (Cloudz). So while you never want to see yoursLawn mower blows out smoke, VG is the way to go if you want huge clouds of vapor.

That means you really have to try different ratios yourself to get a feel for the difference.

So experiment with your e-liquid once in a while so you can broaden your range and become a more informed shopper, especially when shopping online where taste tests aren't available (duh!).

share your thoughts

What is your preferred PG and VG ratio?

And maybe a better question; Would you refrain from buying a specific flavor of e-juice if it didn't come in the right PG/VG ratio?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

As always, take care and vape homies!

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      What PG VG ratio is best for clouds? ›

      Cloud production- For cloud chasers who exhale big and thick clouds of vapour, a high VG juice is the way to go. A VG: PG ratio of about 80:20 or 70:30 will get you humongous amounts of dense clouds.

      Does VG or PG give more throat hit? ›

      Propylene Glycol is a colourless and odourless synthetic liquid used as a base for e-liquid. PG produces a much stronger 'throat-hit' than VG, mimicking the sensation of smoking. Due to this, you will rarely see an e-liquid with a higher PG ratio of 70% as the vape becomes too harsh.

      Is VG or PG better for clouds? ›

      Higher VG e-juices, therefore, produce thicker clouds. Higher PG juices, on the other hand, produce thinner clouds, but a stronger flavor and a more potent hit to the back of the throat on the inhale.

      Is 70vg 30pg good for clouds? ›

      PG 30/VG 70 – This is one of the most common ratios for sub ohm devices and works well to provide a smooth throat hit and satisfying clouds. PG 20/VG 80 – This ratio will provide a super smooth vape with dense clouds. Vapers that use lower resistance coils may choose this kind of ratio for the smoothness it provides.

      What VG PG ratio is best for flavor? ›

      Flavour. If you want maximum flavour out of your e-liquid, you want to choose an e-liquid with a balanced PG:VG ratio, so look out for a 50:50 ratio. Or favour PG in the e-liquid, so an e-liquid with a PG:VG ratio around 60:40.

      How do I get less throat hit on my vape? ›

      To reduce the throat hit sensation, you may consider increasing the airflow, reducing the power, switching to nicotine salts, using a lower strength e-liquid, using an e-liquid with more VG, using a cotton wick, or vaping a dessert flavour and staying away from anything citrus or menthol.

      Why is my vape juice so harsh on my throat? ›

      Volatile Organic Compounds and Diacetyl. Vaping juices may contain volatile organic compounds or diacetyl, both of which are known to cause throat irritation. 11 If you are experiencing a sore throat, changing products or quitting vaping may help relieve your symptoms.

      Why does my vape hit my throat so hard? ›

      Your Nicotine Strength Is Too High

      Does vaping cause you to experience a throat hit that's even more intense than what you feel when smoking a cigarette? It's very likely that your nicotine strength is too high. Learn more about how to choose the right e-liquid nicotine strength.

      Does high VG make bigger clouds? ›

      HVG e-liquids are specially blended to contain a higher Vegetable Glycerol content. As the ingredient in e-liquids that produces the well-known vapour clouds, higher levels of Vegetable Glycerol result in thicker and larger clouds. EDGE HVG e-liquids all contain an 80% VG ratio.

      How do I make my vape clouds better? ›

      Airflow. When chasing larger vape clouds, you want to maximise the airflow to your device. This increases the amount of air that gets to the coil - a fresh flow of air will encourage the vapour to condense into thicker clouds.

      Is 60 40 good for clouds? ›

      60VG/40PG – Very good flavour, decent cloud production and a hint of throat hit. 70VG/30PG – One of the most popular blends for sub ohm/DTL vapes. Good flavour, plenty of clouds and smooth throat hit. 80VG/20PG – Good flavour, dense clouds and silky smooth throat hit.

      What's better 50 50 or 70/30 vape juice? ›

      E-liquids with the 50/50 ratio are best for smaller, less powerful devices. This is because they don't require a lot of power to get a strong flavour. E-liquids with a 70/30 or 80/20 ratio work best with more powerful devices.

      What wattage gives the best flavor? ›

      What Vape Wattage Has The Best Flavour? The perfect balance of vapour and flavour is anywhere between 50 and 100 watts depending on your coil choice.

      What setting is best for vape flavor? ›

      You will have a better flavor when using juices with 50:50 ratios and a lower power device (anything over 20 watts). Higher power is not the best for flavor. With high wattage and e-juice containing >50% VG, you will improve vapor production at the cost of the flavor.

      What coil is best for flavor? ›

      The best ones to go for flavour wise are clapton, titanium (if you prefer vaping with TC mode) or an Alien coil. The sweet spot for getting a balance of vapour and flavour is around 0.3ohms. Depending on your coil choice you'll want to up the wattage from anywhere between 50 and 100 watts.

      Why can't I taste the flavor in my vape? ›

      Vaping can sometimes cause a dry mouth simply by requiring so much mouth breathing (inhaling a vape), which can dry up saliva. When we don't have enough saliva, the ability to taste is almost non-existent. Flavor fatigue is another culprit behind vape tongue resulting in you not tasting your e-juice.

      What vape mod blows the biggest clouds? ›

      The Best Vapes for Clouds Are:
      • Voopoo Argus GT 2.
      • Wotofo MDura Pro.
      • Lost Vape Thelema Quest.
      • Freemax MaXus.
      • Vaporesso GEN 200.
      • Uwell Valyrian III.
      Jan 2, 2023

      What coils make the most vapor? ›

      Low ohm vape coils produce more vapour and flavour and case use more e-liquid and take more battery power than high ohms. High ohm e-cig coils produce less vapour and use less e-liquid and battery.

      Does higher wattage mean more clouds? ›

      High wattage means more power. More power means hotter coils. Coils burning at maximum heat will help turn thicker VG liquids into thick clouds, whereas thinner PG liquids will turn into thin hot vapour, producing an undesirable burn hit.

      What is the best PG for throat hit? ›

      Depending on the ratio selected, the throat hit will be more or less punchy. Propylene Glycol is the component responsible for throat hit. Essentially, if looking for a sharper throat hit, ensure that the PG ratio is higher. A PG ratio over 60% is ideal for people looking for a stronger throat hit.

      How do you make vapes hit harder? ›

      Simply put, the more PG in an e-liquid, the stronger throat hit it will have. The more VG in an e-liquid, the weaker hit it will have.

      What is the best vape pen for throat hit? ›

      Aspire PockeX: Best device for replicating throat hit

      As you can imagine, there is a reason why it keeps making an appearance – and that's the throat hit. Simply put, if you are looking for a strong throat hit to replace smoking, you can't do better than PockeX.

      Can doctors tell if you vape by looking at your throat? ›

      Can a doctor tell if you vape by looking at your throat? So, unless a patient walks into the clinic with a vaping device in hand and vapor billowing from their mouth, it's unlikely a doctor can tell if they have a history of e-cigarette use.

      Why is my coil burning after 1 day? ›

      It's called a dry hit, and it happens when the coil inside your vaping device is not properly saturated with e-liquid, which causes the coil to overheat and singe the wicking material.

      How do you break in a new coil? ›

      How to Properly Break a New Coil
      1. Before you begin vaping, regulate the wattage to the lowest recommended setting.
      2. Gradually take a few short vapes to begin breaking in your coil slowly.
      3. Increase your wattage by 5.
      4. Take three normal vapes.
      5. Then add another 5 watts to the power.
      Jun 18, 2021

      How long does it take your lungs to recover from vaping? ›

      7. Enhanced Lung Capacity. Within the first 1 to 9 months after quitting vaping, the lung's capacity to clear out mucus and fight off infections significantly increases. This event is even more noticeable than the early signs of increased lung capacity most people will feel shortly after they quit vaping.

      What are the symptoms of vaping too much? ›

      What Are the Symptoms of Nic-Sickness?
      • Nausea or vomiting.
      • Stomachache and loss of appetite.
      • Increased heart rate and blood pressure.
      • Headache.
      • Mouth watering.
      • Quick, heavy breathing.
      • Dizziness or tremors.
      • Confusion and anxiety.
      Feb 1, 2023

      Is vape worse than smoking? ›

      1: Vaping is less harmful than smoking, but it's still not safe. E-cigarettes heat nicotine (extracted from tobacco), flavorings and other chemicals to create an aerosol that you inhale. Regular tobacco cigarettes contain 7,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic.

      Do lower ohms give bigger clouds? ›

      Use coils rated below 0.5 ohms: Low resistance coils that are 0.5 ohms and below can handle more wattage and generally produce bigger clouds.

      Does more airflow mean more clouds? ›

      Increasing airflow allows for more fresh air to enter, cooling the temperature of the vapour making it easier to inhale. This coincidentally increases the size of your clouds produced.

      Is high VG bad for coils? ›

      We don't recommend trying to use high VG e-liquids in classic or 'MTL' kits. VG has a higher viscosity than PG and therefore atomises at a different rate. This can quickly cause coils to burn out and taste pretty nasty!

      How do you make dabs clouds bigger? ›

      To get scientific for a minute, airflow plays a huge role in amping up your cloudage. Essentially, more airflow increases the cycle of air within your vape pen or electric dab rig, cooling down the vapor in the process. Seeing a pattern here? With that, more condensation is able to occur, thus resulting in more clouds!

      Does more airflow use more juice? ›

      A higher airflow will ensure a cooler cloud, but when you cool it down, you will lose a bit of flavour. Because of this, a higher airflow can decrease the amount of juice required, because it remains on the coils for longer.

      What makes thick vape clouds? ›

      As a general rule of thumb, an e-liquid that has a higher ratio of VG to PG will produce thicker vape clouds whereas an e-liquid with a higher ratio of PG to VG will deliver a harsher throat 'hit'. Some e-liquids are available with 100% VG.

      What wattage is best for clouds? ›

      Adjusting your power settings for maximum clouds

      If you vape at 60 W you'll get much bigger clouds than when you're vaping at 30 W, as long as it's with the same tank and e-juice.

      What coils are best for 50 50 juice? ›

      Coils of 1.0Ω - 1.4Ω

      Generally best suited to the thicker 50% VG juices, but can go thicker with lower Ω coils.

      How long should you drag on a vape? ›

      There should be no gap between the lips and the mouthpiece; if there is the vapour won't be taken into the mouth correctly. Take a slow, steady draw from your vape pen for around 3-5 seconds, depending on preference.

      What percent of vape juice should be flavor? ›

      There is no restriction on the combination of flavors that can be used in e-liquids. However, the recommended ratio throughout the industry of flavor concentrate to volume of e-liquid is between 20 and 30 percent. Over-flavoring can lead to the development of unpleasant tastes in the vape juice.

      Which coil is best for salt nic? ›

      Most Nic Salt e-liquids will typically be available in high strengths only, most commonly 11 and 20mg. As such it is recommended that you try to use a device with a coil rating of 1.0ohm or higher. Most MTL (mouth-to-lung) style vaping devices will be well suited to Nic Salts such as the LiQuid Pro.

      Does higher wattage burn coils faster? ›

      If you prefer high wattage, make peace with the fact you'll go through your coil faster than a vaper who chooses a lower wattage.

      What is the best coil for 70 30 liquid? ›

      As a general rule of thumb, Sub Ohm coils should only be used with E Liquids in a 70% VG to 30% PG mix since VG is much thicker than PG. The low power resistance allows for much higher temperatures to be used, meaning more E Liquid can be vaporized in one go.

      Does higher ohms mean better flavor? ›

      Simply put, ohms is a measure of electrical resistance or how freely electricity is able to travel. Lower ohms will produce more heat and this will affect vapor production, throat hit, temperature of vapor and flavor.

      Is it better to vape at lower wattage? ›

      Generally, if you prefer to vape the sweeter, creamier e-liquids, then it is best to vape on a higher wattage. But, if you are more of a fan of the menthol type flavour vape juices, then vaping on a lower wattage is best to get the most flavour out of each hit.

      What VG PG ratio is coastal clouds? ›

      Coastal Clouds Menthol e-Liquid offers an invigorating puff of icy menthol flavor in a 70/30 VG/PG blend.

      Is 80/20 PG VG good? ›

      The best PG/VG ratio is dependent upon your preference, if you like big clouds and use a modern, sub ohm e-cig, then 80VG / 20PG might be the best. On the other hand, if you're using a small, EVOD style setup then you would find closer to 50VG / 50PG ratios being the best.

      How do I make my vape clouds thicker? ›

      For big clouds, choose an e-liquid with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, or higher VG. High PG e-liquids are not good for producing lots of vapour and can be quite harsh on your throat. E-liquid strength is also important when using lower resistances.

      What vape blows the biggest clouds? ›

      Mighty+ The Mighty+, Storz & Bickel's top portable vaporizer, is a cloud machine, has great battery life, and is our choice for the Biggest of Clouds 2023. It is the king of big cloud vapes.

      What PG VG ratio is best for salt Nic? ›

      Additionally, a 50/50 VG/PG ratio seems to be the best for carrying the salt-based nicotine. In other words, this consistency seems to allow for the ideal level of nicotine potency whenever the user takes a hit.

      What's the best coastal clouds flavor? ›

      The Top 24 Coastal Clouds for Vapers:
      • Iced Blood Orange Mango.
      • Blueberry Limeade.
      • Blueberry Banana.
      • Watermelon Cream.
      • Melon Berries.
      • Lemon Meringue Pie.
      • Iced Passion Fruit Orange Guava.
      • Tobacco by Coastal Clouds.

      What VG PG is best for coils? ›

      What Is The Best E-Liquid For Different Ohm Coils?
      Coil Resistance (in ohms Ω)Best All-Round PG/VG RatioOther Suitable Ratios
      1.5 to 2.5 ohm70% PG50/50 PGVG 60% to 70% PG
      1.0 to 1.4 ohm50/50 PGVG70% PG 60% VG
      0.5 to 1 ohm50/50 PGVG60% to 70% VG
      0.1 to 0.4 ohm80% VG50/50 PGVG 60% to 100% VG

      Is 50 50 harsher than 70 30? ›

      Aim for a 70:30 juice, while 50:50 are generally better for flavour in lower powered devices they'll be too harsh in a Sub ohm device.

      How do smokers get big clouds? ›

      To do it, simply take a big puff, then close your mouth. Open your mouth with a quick, percussive "puh!" sound to push a big ball of smoke out of your lips. It should clear your mouth completely. If the cloud is a big, solid white color you're doing well.

      How can I make my vape have more flavour? ›

      How to Get The Best Flavour From Your Vape
      1. Choose the Right Coil. Coils With a Rating At 1.0 Ohm or Above. ...
      2. Change Your Coil Regularly.
      3. Keep Your Tank Clean.
      4. PG E-Liquids for Flavour, VG for Clouds. ...
      5. Look After Your Vape Juice.
      6. Find The Sweet Spot in Your Kit Settings. ...
      7. The Winning Combination.

      How do I make my vape cloud invisible? ›

      The best way to do it is to purse your lips — don't open your mouth to exhale — and to blow the vapor down. Remember, stealth doesn't mean invisible, and some vapor might still come out of your mouth. Hide it by not making a big deal of your exhale.


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