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There is a lot of slang on the internet. Even inRoblox, specific slang is used that is unfamiliar to outsiders. These slang terms can get very confusing if you are new to themRoblox, or if you're a parent trying to figure out what your child is saying (or people are saying to your child)! Whatever the reason, browse below to find the meaning ofRobloxSlang.

Roblox terms and slang

Below we've compiled all the words, abbreviations, and phrases we could find that are related to Roblox. Some are Roblox-specific and some are slang that's widely spoken across the internet but commonly seen in-game. If you are in a hurry to find a word, use Ctrl + F to find what you are looking for.


1v1- Refers to playing/fighting one-on-one. Could be used seriously in fighting games or jokingly/rudely in casual situations. In non-game applications it is used as a general challenge to others.

13- Rarely used but is an indication of the minimum age of 13 to become a memberRoblox. Can be used to insult someone under the age of 13 who is acting childishly.


ABC- Commonly seen in role-playing games, it's usually a way for someone to respond to a role-playing request. The player can ask "Who wants to play as siblings? ABC me" and the willing player will reply with ABC. It's similar to asking someone to raise their hand.

air conditioning- Means accept or counter. A term used when trading with another player.

ADVERTISEMENT- Means Accept or Reject. A term used when trading with another player.

AFK- This is a common term online but is also used inRoblox. It means someone is away from the keyboard where they are temporarily unable to play or react. Also used on mobile and consoles.

AA- This relates to allegations of admin abuse, which is an overuse of power. Games allowing admins or other player power may apply here.

TO THE- Arrest on sight. This is used in roleplaying games with police and/or prisoners.


B)- This is an emoticon depicting a smiling person with sunglasses. Can be used to brag or just as a silly answer.

Banned forever- A phrase indicating that someone has been banned not just for a single game, but for their entire gameRobloxAccount has been suspended.

Based- Means that a statement above is worthy or commendable, or that you strongly agree with a message.

BB- Can refer to either 1) the BrickBattles game or 2) Baby, usually in a joking manner.

BBG- Means little girl. Usually used derisively by malicious or joking players.

Beams/Beams- The practice or act of stealing limited edition items.

beans- Means the same as Banned, just said differently for humor or added effect. May refer to being banned from certain games, notRobloxfully.

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Bloxxed- Refers to a player being killed or defeatedRoblox. In many games, players fall into blocks when they die.

Enhanced Monkey- The idea that a player is only so far up in levels/scores because their friends are helping them up there. Is offensive and implies artificial success.

BRB- The player says he'll be right back. Similar to AFK, but usually said solely by the outgoing player.

Bruh- Used in many ways, Bruh can be a sign of disbelief, a dismissive statement, or even a noun. Comes from a meme outside ofRoblox.

by the way- Used to complement the original statement. Means by the way.

Bypass- Refers to any mode of locomotionRobloxTerms of Use and Policies. This can be chat phrases, avatar shop listings, etc.


Comped- Means aRobloxAccount was hacked (compromised).

copy paste- Derogatory description of players who others believe have an uninspired avatar.

Cable-Robloxdoes not allow use of the word Discord. This is one way to get around it.


DD- Used in military roleplaying to mean dishonorably discharged. Can be used seriously or for humor.

DM- Means direct message. Can be an observation or a request for the player to send him a message.

Discard/Disco- Roblox does not allow players to use the word Discord. Players enter variations of the name to indicate they're talking on Discord. There are many different ways this is written, so context is needed.

dog water- An insult to another player's game performance.


E- May refer to an outdated meme that is surrealistic and has no real meaning. Can also refer to how manyRobloxGames use the E key for interactions such asChoose Me.

Single/EZ- Means that a player found something not challenging. Usually said to brag.


fat legs- Refers to a type of avatar build that uses a female torso and standard legs. Usually derogatory as many find the avatar type ugly.

FFA- Free for all. A game or match without rules; Usually used in fighting games.

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Filterpass- Refers to someone bypassing in-game chat filters.


G2G/GTG- The player lets others know they have to leave, which means they have to exit the game or go offline.

become a noob- A mockery win that a player wins.

GG- Good Game or Good Game. Can congratulate teammates or brag to enemies.

look god- A challenge/insult to players perceived as weak.

Go Commit/Go Commit Sterben- Refers to an older meme, but also used to seriously imply that players commit suicide. Usually used by malicious players.


H4x/Hax- A way of saying hacks.


ISTG- Means I swear to god. Used in frustration, especially with another player.

IRL- Refers to In real life.


JK/JS- A way for players to exonerate a previous statement. Just say or just kidding.


IS- Means a player was knocked out. Mainly used in fighting games.

KS- Means kiss blocked byRobloxFilter.


LMAD- The player wants to trade, so they say Let's Make a Deal.

LV- Either 1) a way to bypass filters and say love, or 2) someone to indicate a level up in the game.

LVL- Medium level.


Mic-Up- A challenge for another player, which sometimes means meeting them in Discord where they can argue more freely.

Do the most / the most- Means that a player is trying too hard, which is usually taken as criticism.

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Under- Is another spelling of Muah, the kissing sound. It is used to bypass filters but is still sometimes detected.


N00b/Newb/Noob/Noobie- Refers to a new player, usually to indicate their lack of expertise or skill.

NFT- Can refer to non-tradable tokens, but more likely means something is not meant to be traded.

NGF- Means they don't come first in trading. Usually a sign of distrust.

no you/no u- Usually refers to an outdated meme. Is a way to joke or taunt other players. Many consider this a childish phrase.


Obey- Shortening of the obstacle course. Is also a genre of game onRoblox.

ALSO- Means out-of-character messages in role-playing games. The person is talking about something outside of the role play.

Uff- Refers to a soundbite that was popularized. Used when something went wrong, a player played poorly, something seems painful, or something is embarrassing. Very common.

OP- Means that something or someone is overwhelmed.

Owned/Pwned- A taunt when they defeated another player.


P2W- Means pay to win. Can be an objective statement or criticism of a game that requires or highly encourages payments.

PN- Private message. May be a request to receive a private message.


QDer- An online dater used especially in role-playing games. Q is used because ODer was blocked in chats.


Wut- A way of referring to someone who is going crazy or angry. Could be an indication of behavior in chat or in game.

RAP- Current average price. This means that the player relates to the perceived value of an item or trade given by the community.

RDM- Means Random Death Match mainly seen in fighting games.

Goat- A derisive term used to indicate that someone is overreacting. It implies that the person is poking fun at the childish way they let out a cry of anger.

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rectangle- A taunt when a player is defeated. Means destroyed.


Salat Hair- An offensive way of describing the holiday crown on avatars.

Slim- An avatar type portrayed as male. These avatars are thin and tall with alternate appearances. The term is often used in a negative light, but can sometimes be neutral.


keywords- Someone is trying to trick another player into bypassing a chat filter.

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TDM- Means Team Deathmatch. This is a game mode in many fighting and shooting games.

TH- A shortening of "What the Hell?" as a way to show disbelief.

Th/Thx/TY/TYSM- This means thank you or thank you very much.

Troll- A malicious and/or mischievous player.


UUC- Refers to a method of trade fraud that causes the transaction to appear legitimate at first, only to get stuck loading.


Void/Void- Used in roleplaying to let someone know they won't play with them anymore, usually because of their inappropriate behavior.


W8- Means waiting. Can be used to type fast when someone is going offline.

WaaPP- A shortening of the game Work at a Pizza Place.


XD/xD- An emoticon. When capitalized, it shows laughter. When lowercase, this is a generally friendly expression.


YR - means you are right. Usually used as a quick affirmation, especially after a disagreement.


Zzz- This means that the player either finds the conversation or the game boring. It is supposed to represent sleeping.

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