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As the seasons change, so domountain bike clothing. It's not just about style; new and better technical materials are constantly being introduced, and emerging clothing brands are constantly making changes.

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Singletracks tests out tons of mountain bike jerseys, shorts and socks every year, and here are some of our favorites for Spring/Summer 2023. We'll keep adding to this article this season as we discover more of our favorite pieces, both menswear and womenswear. Ladies style.

mountain bike clothing

Of course, riding in a t-shirt is always an option, but specialty jerseys usually dry faster and stink less. Not only that, but most jerseys are designed to perform well on the bike and may offer technical features that standard t-shirts don't, such as pockets and ventilation.

Artilect Utilitee (pictured above)

Tester: Jeff Barber. Height/weight: 6’3″/160lb

This is the mountain bike jersey I've been looking for. Many technical tees are polyester, which dries quickly compared to cotton, but sticks to the skin when wet. Artilect Utilitee is made from a blend of 20% Polyamide, 40% Merino Wool and 40% Tencel (a fiber derived from wood). The result is a jersey that is lightweight, non-sticky, and durable at the same time.

I love the classic shape of this jersey, and unlike many basic tech tees, it doesn't feel like a pajama top. The solid color is also a plus, making it one of my top picks when riding.

  • MSRP: $84.95
  • purchased fromMoose Jaw(men's),女性风格Also available.

Cognative MTB Catalyst Button Down Jersey

Tester: Jeff Barber. Height/weight: 6’3″/160lb

如果社会可以接受的话,我会在夏天赤裸上身骑山地车。好吧,也许不是——我确实需要一些保护措施来防止碰撞和毒藤。 Cognative Catalyst 看起来超级休闲,但它也是我拥有的最酷的球衣之一,因为它采用轻质面料、浅棕褐色,正面的纽扣可以让凉爽的微风吹进里面。

The Catalyst is primarily a polyester blend with added spandex and silver for antimicrobial properties. In addition to the chest pocket, there is a zipped pocket on the back of the jersey for wallet or car keys.

  • MSRP: $89.95
  • purchased fromcognitive mountain bike(men's),feminine styleAlso available.
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Pearl Izumi Elevate jersey

Tester: Jeff Barber. Height/Weight: 6'3"/160 lbs

The Pearl Izumi Elevate Jersey is a simple, lightweight jersey that will keep you cool on the trail. Compared to the darker jersey, the Mystic Blue version shown here won't get as hot in the summer.

The long sleeves are perfect for park days with elbow pads, and the minimal collar ensures maximum ventilation with minimum irritation. Men's jerseys are available in 5 colours.

  • MSRP: $55
  • purchased frompearl spring(men only).

PNW Components Ozone Tech Shirt

Tester: Jeff Barber. Height/Weight: 6'3"/160 lbs

The PNW Components Ozone looks like a very basic t-shirt style jersey, but it's so much more than that. First off, the Ozone Shirt is made from a blend of 80% polyester and 20% wool for a breathable, quick-drying, and odor-resistant fabric. For extra ventilation, PNW Components has triangular laser-cut vents under the underarms.

I'm digging this jersey for its classic fit and earthy colors like the alien green shown here. The triangular PNW tab at the hem is a fine detail that blends with the understated look.

  • MSRP: $49 ($15 most of summer!)
  • purchased fromamazon(男士的),feminine styleAlso available.

Mountain Bike Shorts & Pants

Shorts are a natural choice for summer riding, but don't sleep in skimpy clothingPantsIdeal for park days and high altitude rides.

Cognative MTB Guide Trail Shorts

Tester: Jeff Barber. Height/Weight: 6'3"/160 lbs

I'm picky about mountain bike shorts, and I suspect most readers are too. A good pair of mountain bike shorts need to be light and durable, but most importantly, they shouldn't get in the way of the bike. The Cognacative Guide Trail Shorts will definitely fit the bill.

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The shorts I tested were one size larger than my usual size, so I was concerned that they would slide off the waist, but in fact, the adjustable waist system allows the shorts to fit a variety of sizes. Roomy hand pockets allow for short-term storage, while two zipped pockets are perfect for storing important items like a wallet or car keys. The back rise is nice and high so you can say "no" without breaking, and the leg openings are shaped for easy movement. The men's shorts are available in three colors: Indigo (pictured), Gunmetal Gray and Black.

  • MSRP: $99.95
  • purchased fromcognitive mountain bike(men's),feminine styleAlso available.

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Pearl Izumi Booster Pants


Where I live, mountain bike pants aren't usually a thing in the summer. But the Pearl Izumi Elevate pants are among the lightest and most breathable I've tried, making them a great choice for summer bike park training or even wilderness poison oak protection. In addition to the lightweight material, there are large laser-cut ventilation holes on the inner thighs to keep you cool.

The tapered legs end with elastic cuffs to keep the chainline out of the way, and the shaped knees are pre-bent for the perfect pedal position. The one-piece nylon belt makes waist adjustments quick and easy, but it should be noted that the belt doesn't go all the way around the waist. Zippered hand pockets double as storage.

As a tall person, I was concerned that the Pearl Izumi Elevate pants wouldn't be long enough in a size 32 waist, but they turned out to be just the right size.

  • MSRP: $170
  • purchased frompearl spring(men only).

Mint Women's MTB Overalls

Tester: Leah Barber. Height/Weight: 5'0"/110 lbs

These mountain bike overalls are made for the ride, not the feed store. While several brands have released "technical cargo pants" recently, this pair from Peppermint Cycling Co may be the first to combine technical performance with practical style. Gone are the bulky brass buttons, buckles and zippers of typical workwear. Instead, the wide elastic back has a minimal plastic fastener for adjustment and a long zipper on only one side, which is discreetly concealed for a sleek, clean look.

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The four-way stretch fabric combined with the small elasticated waistband on the back make this the ideal cycling pant. They even fit petite women! No matter what riding position you're in, you won't be too tight or too loose around the waist, and you won't have to worry about your pants riding up or down. Below the legs, the knees are articulated for ease of movement, while the ankles are tapered to securely prevent chain grip. Two zip pockets (one on the thigh and one on the chest) store your phone or other slim items.

The Peppermint MTB Cargo Pants are a bit hot for southern summers, but these shoes last for three seasons. Workwear has a water-repellent coating, is light to medium weight, and is less prone to snagging. Look for other rugged canvas trail overalls as they are best for active trail riding. Available in Dahlia (as pictured), Spruce Green, and Black.

  • MSRP: $222
  • purchased fromPeppermint Bicycle CompanyandA Professional's Wardrobe

Women's Mint MTB Tech Shorts

Tester: Leah Barber. Height/Weight: 5'0"/110 lbs

The evolution of women's cycling apparel continues. of course greatWomen's Mountain Bike Clothing BrandsThey do exist, and we keep asking for more features (ahem, pockets), size and length options, quality, and affordability. The women's team from Peppermint Cycling Co in Quebec quietly launched in the U.S. earlier this summer, and their mountain bike apparel options are pretty well designed.

The Peppermint MTB Tech Shorts are made from lightweight 4-way stretch jersey fabric and are knee-length with slightly longer front than back. According to the Peppermint website, these shorts have a 12" inseam (size small). The super small pair I bought had an inseam of nearly 11 inches, which was either a coincidence or clever design. I can't confirm, but I'm leaning towards the latter, since pretty much everything else about these shorts is true. The Peppermint Tech Shorts are a favorite for their lightweight comfort.

True to size at the waist and hips, the Peppermint MTB Tech Short's waistband allows for ample adjustment and comfort. The 2.5" high elastic waistband stretches nearly the entire width of the back, keeping the shorts snug and in place. Two snap buttons with zipper keep the front of the shorts nice and clean. These shorts feature a low rise for more comfort when leaning in while riding. The wide Velcro closures on both sides are easy to access if you need to tighten things up.

Three zippered pockets are on the smaller side, providing plenty of room for off-road snacks or keys, but you'll have to stash your phone in a handlebar bag or hip pack. Available in four colors: Dahlia Purple, Twilight Blue (pictured), tie-dye rosemary, and black.

  • 建议零售价:130 美元
  • purchased from薄荷自行车andA Professional's Wardrobe

Stay tuned for more MTB clothing reviews as we continue to test items over the summer.

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